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Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF)

New SeedMeister NIR Spectrometer

Brimrose continues to move technology forward to account for customer requirements.

AOTF Combined with Digital Imaging

Hyperspectral Imagers are designed for measuring visible or NIR hyperspectral imaging-generated data.

Customized Acousto-Optics

We design and build our AO components to meet your specifications.


Brimrose Insights

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  • Using AOTF Hyperspectral Imagers in the Fight Against Cancer
  • Moisture Analysis in Food Becomes an Opportunity for Our Spectrometers
  • How Our Frequency Shifters Become Known for The OCT Market

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  • Process Expo, October 8–11, Chicago, IL
  • IFT 2019, June 2–5, New Orleans, LA, Booth #2513
  • SPIE Defense 2019, April 16–18, Booth #214

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R&D Contracting

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  • Advanced Materials
  • Room Temperature MIR
  • Optical Switching
  • Thermo-Electric Power Generation (TEPG)

INDUSTRIES & applications

AOTF NIR Spectrometers & Hyperspectral Imagers


Extensive testing and analyses at every manufacturing process helps our customers reduce waste, reduces costs, and even save energy. We have an extensive list of applications and experience integrating new technologies to existing processes. 


  • Fluid Bed Dryers

  • Blending Uniformity

Chemical / Polymer

  • Reaction Monitoring

  • Chemical / Physical Properties

Food / Agricultural

  • Fats / Proteins / Moisture

  • Ingredients Blending

Oil / Gas / Petrochemical

  • Gas Analysis

  • Fuel Blending


  • Lab Spectroscopy

  • Hyperspectral Microscopy



  • Agricultural

  • Pharmaceutical