Free Space Acousto Optics


Brimrose offers a broad product line of high-quality customized acousto-optic components for laboratory, research & development, and industrial laser applications. We engineer and design free space AO devices to meet each customer's unique specifications.

AOTF Diagram

Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) Diagram


Getting a quote

Brimrose manufactures and builds according to your specifications. We deliver small quantities or large quantities. 

  1. Call us to discuss your needs. +1 (410) 472-7070

  2. Select from Free Space AO Devices below for standard options

  3. Custom Built


  • MHz to 3 GHz Frequency Shift Ranges

  • High Modulation Bandwidth up to 400 MHz

  • Fast Modulation Speed <5 nsec Rise Time

  • High Diffraction Efficiency

  • UV to LWIR Wavelength Ranges

  • High Optical Damage Threshold


  • Light Intensity Modulation

  • Pulse Picking

  • Mode Locking

  • Cavity Dumping

  • Q-Switching

  • Frequency Shifting

  • Laser Marking Industry

  • Optical Shutters

free space Acousto Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF)

  • UV to Mid-IR Range

  • Solid State

  • No Moving Parts

  • Switching Speed: Up to 16,000 λ/sec

  • Up to 20x20mm Aperture

This is an example of seperating blue light from white light.

This is an example of separating blue light from white light.

Free space Acousto-Optic Deflectors/Scanners

  • Single or Multichannel AO Deflectors

  • Single or Two-Dimensional AODs

  • Longitudinal or Shear Mode

  • Large Deflection Angles

  • Large Active Aperture

  • UV, NIR and IR Availability

  • High Optical Scanning Resolution

  • High Speed