Rapidly Switch Wavelengths

  • VIS / NIR SWIR Operation
  • Fiber Coupling & Compact Size 
  • Solid State; No Moving Parts
  • Powerd by 150W Quartz Halogen Lamp

See how a chosen color, or wavelength, of light can be selected.


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Tunable Light Sources


The Brimrose Tunable Light Source (TLS 300) consists of a white light source (Brimrose or customer provided), an AOTF device, beam forming optics and an AOTF driver.

The TLS 300 is designed for lab and microscopy applications if the customer would like to switch wavelengths within 20µs or pump multi-frequency RF power to the AOTF to get multi-lines simultaneously. The AOTF driver is computer-controlled using a Windows based software. Brimrose offers fiber bundle output interface.

Brimrose, which pioneered AOTF technology some three decades ago, is offering three models of the product. One model operates in the wavelength range of 500-700 nm. A second model operates in the wavelength range of 650 nm to 1 micron. A third operates in the 900 nm to 1.6 micron range.


  • Sample Illumination: in the Medical / Biomedical Industry
  • Normal and Fluorescence Spectroscopyin the Microelectronics Industry
  • Laboratory and Various OEM Applications
  • Quality and Process Control: