Compatible RF Drivers


AOTF Diagram

Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) Diagram


Getting a quote

Brimrose manufactures and builds according to your specifications. We deliver small quantities or large quantities. 

  1. Call us to discuss your needs. +1 (410) 472-7070

  2. Select from RF Drivers below for standard options

  3. Custom Built

OEM & Lab Version RF Drivers

  • Fixed or Variable Frequency Configuration

  • PC-Controlled High Performance RF Frequency Synthesizers

  • Quartz Referenced Phase Locked Loop

  • TTL or Analog Amplitude Modulation or Combination of Both

  • High Extinction Ratio >70 dB with TTL

  • Fast Modulation Speed <10 nsec

  • Compact Sizes

lab version ao driver

Laboratory Version

OEM Driver

OEM Version

Select your Compatible RF Drivers

Brimrose offers a large variety of RF Drivers compatible with our Acousto-Optic components. The following instructions will help you choose the proper driver for your applications.

Laboratory Version SPF Controller

Laboratory Version SPF Controller

DS1 OEM Driver

OEM Version DS1 AOTF Controller