Fiber Optical Switch Systems

The Brimrose fiber optical switch system plays a major role in modern fiber optic telecommunication and sensing systems that demands high-reliability operation, response, and continuous highfrequency switching.  
This fiber optical switch is a powerful tool to switch an optical signal at nanosecond speed (200ns). The optical switch has two configurations: 1×2 or 2×1. The switch is bi-directional. The optical switch consists of the all fiber optic switch device and corresponding driver packaged in a rack-mountable enclosure. The switching is done by an external TTL compatible low voltage signal.


  • Fiber Optically Pigtailed

  • 1x2 and 2x1 Configurations

  • Compact Size and Rack Mount

  • Solid-state: No Moving Parts

  • Nanosecond Speed Response: ~200 ns

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • Low Power Consumption

  • High Reliability, Environmentally Stable

  • 9/125 µm Single-Mode (SM) Fiber

  • Custom Configurations Available


  • Optical Add/Drop, Cross Connect, and Ring Protection

  • System Monitoring

  • Telecommunication Applications

  • Test & Measurement

  • Optical Network

  • Field Projects in Fiber Optics System

  • OEM Designs


Model # OS-2-1-C-55
Switch Type 1x2 or 2x1
Wavelength Range (nm) * C Band
Control Input (V) - TTL Signal ** 0-5
Switch Time (ns) ~200
Number of Input Ports per Switch 2x1 Optical Switch 1x2 optical Switch
2 Input Ports 1 Input Port
Number of Output Ports per Switch 2x1 Optical Switch 1x2 optical Switch
1 Output Port 2 Output Ports
Case Type Fiber Optically Pigtailed
Fiber Type * 9/125 μm Single-Mode
Optical Connector Types * FC/APC
Total Insertion Loss (dB) <2.5-3.0
Delay Time (μs) ~1
Case Size (mm) 150 x 45 x 14

* Others available.
** Switching is triggered by TTL compatible voltage signal.

One optical channel will be up-shifted by 55 MHz and the other will be downshifted by 55 MHz.


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