Fiber-coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators

Brimrose all fiber optic, electronically controllable modulators allow the user to vary the output light amplitude, time duration, and periodicity/frequency. Insertion Loss can be as low as 2 dB, Extinction Ratio can be as high as 70 dB, rise times can be down to 5 nsec, periodicity can be up to several hundred MHz. Applications include switching, pulse picking, fast attenuator, etc. Wavelengths can range from near UV to near IR.

A specialized application of modulators is the Programmable Attenuator. Attenuators are a key element in the design of fiber optic transmission systems. Attenuators are used to match the optical power level to the dynamic range of receivers, adjust the input and output levels in EDFAs, equalize the power between different DWDM channels and test the general performance of systems under varying optical power conditions.

Our fiber-coupled AO products are housed in environmentally stable packages, which offer superior resistance to humidity and temperature, and are suitable for laboratory as well as various OEM applications and instrumentation.


  • Compact Size

  • Rugged Design

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • Fast Switching Speed

  • Hermetically Sealed

  • Low RF Drive Power

  • Stable Performance

  • Custom Configurations Available


  • TTL/Digital Amplitude Modulation

  • Analog Amplitude Modulation

  • Fast Attenuator

  • Gain Tilt Control

  • EDFA Power Control

  • Loop-back Switch

  • Telecommunications

  • Fiber Sensing

  • Pulse Picking, Q-Switching

  • Spectroscopy

  • Fiber Lasers

  • OEM Designs


Model # Wavelength
Rise Time
Fiber Type
TEM-110-10-55-2FP 380-1600 110 55 10 SM or SMPM
TEM-200-25-20-2FP 380-1600 200 20 25
TEM-250-50-10-2FP 380-1600 250 10 50
TEM-500-100-5-2FP 380-1600 500 5 100
IPM-200-25-20-2FP 1000-2100 200 20 25
IPM-500-100-5-2FP 1000-2100 500 5 100
AMM-55-8-70-2FP 1000-2500 55 70 8
AMM-100-20-25-2FP 1000-2500 100 25 20

additional specifications

ON/OFF Extinction (dB) > 50
Insertion Loss (dB) < 2.5
Back Reflection (dB) < -50
Low Electric Power Consumption (dBm) < 23
Operating Wavelength Range (nm) ± 25

The 3-port, fiber-coupled version is available, as well.

The Fiber-coupled AOM models shown above represent some examples of our fabrication capabilities. In addition, other wavelengths, frequencies or configurations are available.


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