Dynamic Tunable Bandpass Filters  

The Dynamic Tunable Bandpass Filter adjusts the center wavelength of a narrow band of light over a 100 - 200nm range. It offers very high resolution of ~1.5nm and either single or simultaneous multiple wavelength selection. It is able to precisely and rapidly adjust the wavelength and intensity of the diffracted/filtered light by varying the frequency and RF power.

Brimrose offers both free-space and fiber-coupled configurations. AOTFs are used widely in numerous optical systems and applications, especially in industrial or process control near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy applications.


  • Compact Size

  • No O-rings

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Narrow Bandwidths

  • Excellent Tuning Resolution

  • Hermetically Sealed

  • Broad Tuning Range

  • SM, SM/PM, MM Fiber Coupling Options

  • Custom Configurations Available

  • Ideal for Real-Time NIR


  • Dense WDM Transmission Systems

  • Laboratory Test and Measurement Systems– tuning the center wavelength of broadband sources (white light sources or LEDs)

  • Other OEM Applications


Model # Wavelength Range
Spectral Resolution
RF Frequency
Insertion Loss
TEAF-0.40-0.60-2FP 400-600 1-5 59-100 3-5
TEAF-0.45-0.7-S-2FP 450-700 3-9 100-180 3-5
TEAF-0.9-1.2-UH-2FP 900-1200 1 130-160 4-5
TEAF-1.2-1.7-UH/EH-2FP 1200-1700 1.0-2.5 80-120 ~5
TEAF-1.5-1.65-UH/EH-2FP 1500-1650 1.5-2.5 80-100 ~5
TEAF-1.1-2.1-S-2FP 1100-2100 4.0-15.0 50-100 5-7

Brimrose offers the fiber coupling options for our all-standard, Fiber-coupled, Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters.

Fiber Type:

  • Single-Mode (SM) fiber

  • Single-Mode Polarization Maintaining (SM/PM) fiber

  • Multimode (MM) fiber

Other fiber types are available on request.

Fiber Connectors: FC, SC, LC, SMA, etc.
Other fiber connectors are available on request.


  • S – Standard Resolution

  • H – High Resolution

  • EH – Extra-high Resolution

  • UH – Ultra-high Resolution

Other wavelengths are available upon request.

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