Fiber Optic Collimators / Focusers

Brimrose offers a complete line of high performance collimators and focusers designed to collimate or focus light exiting from a fiber to a specified beam diameter or spot size. By utilizing diffraction limited lenses, the spot size of a few microns can be achieved. We design and manufacture matched pairs of collimators and focusers to couple light in and out of the desired devices. 
The Brimrose Fiber Optic Collimators are available for any wavelength from 403nm to 2000nm, utilizing multi-mode, single-mode, or polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. Our PM devices maintaining polarization extinction ratios of better than 20dB are available upon request. We manufacture for 60dB or better back reflection for our fiber pigtailed collimators. All of our fibers and grin lenses are antireflection coated in-house for maximum performance. 
The Brimrose high performance fiber collimator is a fiber optic device that has very small insertion loss, excellent return loss, high polarization extinction ratio, small beam divergence, etc.


  • Low Insertion Loss

  • Excellent Return Loss

  • High Polarization Extinction Ratio

  • Small Beam Divergence

  • Wide Wavelength Range: 403-2000nm

  • Miniature Size and Light Weight

  • Optical Path, Epoxy Free, and Solder Package

  • SM, PM, and MM Fibers

  • Antireflection Coated Fibers / Grin Lenses

  • Custom Configurations Available


  • Fiber Optic Sensors, Optical Devices

  • Measurement Systems

  • Signal Processing

  • Laboratory Testing

  • OEM Designs


Model # COL-1550-S-0.3-60-3A-0.9-3
Wavelength of Operation (nm) 1550
Operating Temperature (°C) 0°C to +40°C
Typical Coupling Insertion Loss (dB) ~1.2 dB @ 55 mm working distance
Fiber Length (m) 1
Fiber Jacket (µ µµ µm) 900
Return Loss >60
Beam Divergence 0.26 degree
Beam Diameter (mm) ~0.3 1/e2 @ 25-30 mm
Spectral Width (nm) >±30
Storage Temperature (°C) -10°C to +60°C
Fiber Type 9 µm core, 125 µm cladding Single-Mode
Optical Connector Types FC/APC

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