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Brimrose and File X staff members first began discussing a possible collaboration in 2015. Brimrose was well known for its hyperspectral imagers, although has not developed software for those units. File X has made strong strides as a software company and has the potential to help the imager sort and identify materials very rapidly for a variety of purposes.

The two companies drafted a proposal in 2016 to the BIRD Foundation, suggesting they could make such an instrument that would be useful in environmental monitoring and sensing. The proposal was evaluated by U.S. and Israeli experts and included visits to both companies by Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director of the BIRD Foundation.

The BIRD Foundation awarded the two companies a $1.6 million award to develop the new instrument in June 2016. The purpose of the program was to identify new ways in which environmental pollutants could be rapidly identified in the atmosphere.

The team quickly began regular meetings to design and engineer the imager and to create the associated software. After extensive product downscaling and engineering, with help from the Brimrose optical lab, the engineering department, the machine shop, and the various tech stations, the unit was operational in one box.


As the result of extensive remote testing in the Brimrose Applications Lab, and visits by File X personnel to Brimrose from Israel, File X was able to develop significant software to match the unit’s extensive hardware capabilities.