AOTF NIR Spectrometers

Reduce Waste, reduce cost
increase profitability

Vibration Resistant, In-Line Industrial Process Control

Brimrose designs and builds AOTF-NIR Spectrometers to meet customer individual needs and environmental constraints to improve production, quality, and consistency. We specialize in At-Line, In-Line, and Multi-Purpose near infrared spectrometers that are adaptable and flexible to meet your ever-changing needs.


  • Extremely Fast (up to 10 measurements / second)

  • Customized for Purpose (ATEX / UL / IPxx)

  • Immune to Ambient Light & Vibration

  • Solid State, No Moving Parts

  • Real-Time Dual-Beam Reference (No Drifting)

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Brimrose Spectrometer
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The video is created courtesy of Apara Analyticals, our distributor/partner in India.

Premier Applications

Blending Uniformity

Brimrose AOTF Technology is extremely fast (scans 16,000 wavelengths / second in order to give you 10 measurements / second), and is best for performing spectral analysis for products on conveyors and blenders. You can do more signal-averaging during very short collection times resulting in higher signal:noise spectra. Our solid state and robust components enable our spectrometers to be integrated directly to the blender for real-time measurement to determine when blending is complete and can stop, minimizing production time and cost to market of your products.

Brimrose worked with us to meet our extreme specification requirements for sensitivity, providing us the capability to reduce waste and costs. Without Brimrose, we would not have gone to market so quickly.
— Major Pharmaceutical

fluid bed dryer (fbd)

The AOTF-NIR spectrometer is integrated to measure moisture, proteins, fats, chemicals, or any other organic compounds simultaneously. The spectrometer can be mounted directly to the fluid bed dryer for in-line process monitoring. 

Our pilot application has returned well over six figures in the first eight months of continuous operation. We expect similar returns with the installation and commissioning of four additional units in like processes across the Americas Regions...
— Food Manufacturer

moisture measurement

Moisture measurement is an ideal application for near infrared spectroscopy. Moisture, fats, proteins, ash, and more is measured simultaneously. Our AOTF-NIR spectrometers are integrated into any manufacturer's processes without modifying the process. For example, we interface with your process controls to optimize the moisture content of your products.

This is a real time iterative approach that not only optimizes the desired output, but eliminates product rejections due to over and under drying.
— Food Manufacturer


Other applications

Brimrose has several decades of experience working with individuals and organizations to integrate our AOTF-NIR Spectrometers as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for in-line and at-line analysis. Our laboratory spectrometers support this integration. We will help you build your models with respect to your primary reference to meet your requirements to help you improve your quality control and consistency. 

Spectrometer Applications by Industry

Food / Agriculture

  • Olive & Grape Growers / Milling

  • Tobacco

  • Dairy

  • Fruits / Juices

  • Seeds / Nuts

Petrochemical / oil & gas

  • Gas Analysis

  • Gas Blending

  • Measure Compounds & Constituents



  • Classification

  • Tablet Analysis

  • Lyophilization

  • Raw Materials Identification

  • Excipient Bead Coating Control

Chemical / polymer

  • Gas Analysis

  • Paper / Pulp / Wood

  • Identify Catalysts

  • Liquids Measurement

  • Solvent Recovery Monitoring


...and many others. For more applications, contact us directly.


AOTF-NIR Spectrometers

Luminar 5030 handheld AOTF-NIR spectroemter

Hand-Held / Multi-Purpose


Free Space / Fiber Optic

Luminar 3060 Multiplexer


Custom AOTF-NIR Solutions & Services

Luminar 4070 free space

Smaller, Lighter

Luminar 7030 stainless steel free space

Built For Purpose

Luminar-7050 Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzer

Tablet Analyzer

Flexible, Adaptive

Custom built accessories

Custom built


Customer Training

blend control testing

Model Building & Review Services

tobacco measurement

Process Analytical technology (PAT)