AOTF Video Imaging Adapters

VA310 Video Adapter (imager only)

Brimrose’s AOTF Video Adapters, Series VA310, are designed to be used with the customer supplied camera. Three versions (400-650nm, 550-1000nm and 400-1000nm) are available in the VIS region and one in the SWIR region (900-1700nm).


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Analysing AOTF Microscope Images over Visible Spectrum


Brimrose offers VA210 Series of AOTF Imaging Video Adapter for measuring visible or NIR hyperspectral imaging data remotely on a variety of materials. The video adapter is suitable for microscopic and general laboratory analysis. Using the Brimrose AOTF visible imager, the onion epidermis and pine stem included in this video are viewed under a variety of different color shades. They visibly fade and reappear depending on the spectrum of their particular colors as the imager sweeps across the visible spectrum range.