Applications Matter

AOTF hyperspectral imagers 



The Brimrose Hyperspectral Imagers (HSI) use a visible, NIR, and SWIR cameras together with our acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) to produce hyperspectral imaging on any target area. The AOTF-HSI can be custom built to meet your requirements in a wide variety of applications.

Laboratory Accuracy Matters


Brimrose AOTF technology scans very rapidly across a large wavelength range, which reduce noise and improves the resolution of our spectrometer and hyperspectral imager technologies. The excellent signal to noise ratio ensure the highest sensitivity and accuracy for our labs and yours.

Laboratory Customers


  • Research as a bench top analyzer

  • Surveillance

  • Military for explosive material, chemical detection, target identification, and more

  • Blending uniformity

  • Emissions

  • Agricultural/food - particle counting seed

  • Cancer growth in skin

  • Oil spill discovery location and directional prediction

  • Biopharma

  • Tablet surface coating uniformity

  • Industry in-line quality and process monitoring

  • ...and more!

Key Features

  • Visible/NIR/SWIR

  • Faster Data Cube: Due To AOTF Technology

  • Solid State: No Moving Parts

  • High Resolution

  • Highest Density Material

  • Smaller / Lighter

  • No Reflection Issues

  • No Cooling Requirements

  • Includes data cube collection software - compatible with any image processing software

  • Built for Purpose: Lightweight, portable, bench top, aviation, integrated to other systems.