Free Space Acousto-Optic Q-Switches

Brimrose offers the most complete line of Acousto-Optic Q-switching systems for
industrial and laboratory applications. The Brimrose free space Q-switches are designed for the highest conversion efficiency of RF energy into acoustic energy by attaching the transducer to the crystal with an advanced vacuum metallized process.

Q-switches are special modulators designed for use inside laser cavities. They are fabricated from high optical quality Fused Quartz, Flint Glass, and Tellurium Dioxide, or other acousto-optic materials with Brewster cut optical faces or durable hard oxide AR coatings for high optical power applications.


  • High Damage Threshold

  • High Laser Peak Powers

  • Lower Noise Performance

  • Up to 80 MHz RF Frequency

  • Analog Light Intensity Modulation

  • Digital Switching On/Off

  • Water or Thermoelectrically cooled

  • Custom Configurations Available


  • Laser Marking, Laser Cutting

  • Pulsed Holography

  • Lithography

  • 3D Microfabrication

  • Medical (Surgery)

  • Optical Data Storage

  • OEM Designs


Model # FSQ-24-2-BC FSQ-27-5-BC FSQ-80-5-BC TEQ-27-4-BC TEQ-80-20-BC
Substrate SiO2 Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2)
Laser Wavelength
Brewster Cut Brewster Cut
1064 nm 1060 nm 2940 nm 800 nm
Active Aperture (mm) 2 mm 1 mm 1.5 mm 3 mm
Center Frequency
24 27 80 27 80
Digital Modulation
Bandwidth (MHz)
2 5 6.5 3dB Bandwidth
4 20
Optical Transmission
99.8 >99.5
Maximum Diffraction
Efficiency (%)
30 25 >50 >65
Rise Time (nsec) 100 85 150/630 80/400
Acoustic Velocity 5.96E+3 m/sec 4.2E+3 m/sec
Wave Front Distortion λ/10
Separation Angle Separation Angle @1064 nm 1° @ 2940 nm 0.9° @ 800 nm
5 mrad 14mrad
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Optical Polarization Linear (Perpendicular to acoustic wave) Linear Perpendicular to
Acoustic Wave
V.S.W.R. 2.1:1

Other materials and models are available.


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