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Advanced Materials
Advanced Materials

R&D Efforts

Brimrose’s R&D Department focus on the SBIRs and STTRs, which have come from a variety of federal agencies to improve the research capabilities and bring Brimrose innovative technologies to market. The following is a list of our SBIR/STTR contract awards that have recently been received.

  • AOTF Based Spectro-Polarimetric Imaging System For Stand Off Chemical Detection. Phase II Contract. 2014. SBIR/CBD/DOD.
  • Light Weight Optics for High Power Directed Energy Applications. Phase I Contract. 2014. STTR/MDA/DOD.
  • Narrow Band Gap Quantum Dots and Quantum Wires for Mid-Wave Infrared Focal Plane Array Detectors. Phase I Contract. 2014. STTR/DARPA/DOD.
  • Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter-Based Polarimetric Spectral Sensor With Progressive Algorithm for Material Analysis and Mapping. Phase I Contract. 2014. STTR/NASA.
  • Magnesium and Manganese Silicides For Efficient And Low Cost Thermo-Electric Power Generation. Phase I Contract. 2013. SBIR/DOE.
  • Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter-based (AOTF) Polarimetric Imaging System for Stand-Off Chemical Detection. Phase I Contract. 2013. SBIR/CBD 13-104.
  • Development of Low-Cost Infrared Focal Plane Array for Passive Chemical Detection Using Colloidal Quantum Dots (CQDs). Phase I Contract. 2013. SBIR/CBD 13-105.
  • Development of Standoff Laser-Induced Thermal (Infrared) Emission (LITE) System for Chemical and Biological Materials. Phase II Contract. Sept 2011 – Sept 2013. STTR/DOD.
  • Alternative Green Technology for Power Generation Using Waste-Heat Energy And Advanced Thermoelectric Materials. Phase II Contract. 2012. STTR/NASA.
  • Development Of CdMgTe and CdMgSe For Optical Switching Applications. Phase II Contract. 2011. SBIR/DOD
  • Development of Scanning Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) Using A Novel Optical/Laser Microphone for The Remote Detection Of Explosives. Phase I Contract. 2010. SBIR/DOD/ARMY.
  • Self-Calibrating High Resolution Tunable Filter for Remote Gas Sensing Applications. Phase I Contract. 2010. SBIR/NASA.