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Advanced Materials
Advanced Materials
Advanced Materials

Wellspring to Corporate Success
Wellspring to
Corporate Success

Come to Brimrose and you will find scientists and engineers devoted to sound research and development practices who constantly are creating tomorrow’s innovations. The company already has generated over $100 million in R&D contracts, yet 80 percent of our annual revenues are derived from the commercial products that grew out of that R&D.

A main focus has been SBIRs and STTRs, which have come from a variety of federal agencies. These agencies admire the sound research practices that are so focused on next-gen tangible products. Dr. Ronald Rosemeier, our founder and CEO, has been asked to share his success story with the U.S. Congress. For more information, please contact us at

R&D Programs

Brimrose’s R&D Department is critical to the overall company’s performance and health, providing important federal funding and serving as the base for Brimrose’s commercial products.

a high-quality, defect-free crystal
Advanced Materials
  • A complete ecosystem of advanced materials’ development from crystal growth and characterization
  • Radiation shielding Materials for Space Applications
  • Solid-State Polycrystalline Ceramic Laser Materials (Using Nd:Yttria (Nd:Y2O3) Materials
  • Velocity Sensing and Ranging
  • New Materials for Advanced Radiation Detection for Security and Medicine
twin-free CdMnTe crystal
Room Temperature MIR Lasers
  • Developed A Novel Room-Temperature-Operated, Tunable, All Solid-state, Mid-infrared Laser
  • Infrared Countermeasures
  • Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection
  • Measurement of Molecular Species and Meteorological Parameters
Three undoped boules of PbTe
Thermo-Electric Power Generation (TEPG)

TEPG can be used to retrieve and re-use the waste heat emitted from automobiles, factories or similar sources and promotes the practice of green building. Main features of the TEPG include:

  • No Moving Parts (the operation is therefore vibration- and noise-free)
  • Low Amortized Cost
  • High-Power Density
  • Maintenance Free and Highly Reliable
  • Compact and Lightweight
a crystal used for optical switching
Optical Switching

We investigated the solid-state, nonlinear absorption materials for their usefulness in optical switching applications. Main features include:

  • Strong Nonlinear Absorption - utilizing the visible (VIS) to the short wave infrared (SWIR) spectral regions
  • Filtering across Multiple Broad Wavelength Regions
  • Filtering out Unwanted Information
Brimrose miniature AOTF spectrometer was selected by NASA-JPL/ESA for Mars and Comet missions.
Other Contracting Programs
  • NASA - Miniature AOTF spectrometer was selected by NASA for Mars and Comet missions.
  • DOD and Homeland Security Programs - desert application for measuring JP1 Fuel from M1 Tank on the battlefield.