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Luminar 5030
Hand-held AOTF-NIR Analyzer

Brimrose Luminar 5030 Hand-held AOTF-NIR Analyzer with Probe Brimrose Luminar 5030 Hand-held AOTF-NIR Analyzer with Probe Brimrose Luminar 5030 Hand-held AOTF-NIR Analyzer with ProbeThe extremely popular Brimrose solid-state Luminar 5030 is a miniature, hand-held AOTF-NIR analyzer. This portable platform does an exceptional job when conducting non-destructive and contact/noncontact analytical testing and inspection.

The Luminar 5030 is very versatile, able to be used in the lab, on the production floor and in the field. This unit delivers rapid, multi-component analysis for a wide variety of applications. These include diffuse reflectance measurements of powders, pellets, grapes, olives, suspensions, moving films and many more solid products.

The Luminar 5030 is a new powerful tool for quality control and process troubleshooting. The instrument is a portable, battery-powered device that measures Brix, pH, TA, etc. from any grape in the vineyard without removing it from the vine or oil in whole olives on the tree. Additional probe attachments allow the same analyzer to be used for liquid transmission measurements. The unit enjoys widespread use. Some customers include Amgen, BMS, UCLA and Instituto de la Grassa.

For more detailed product information including the technical specification, please view the Luminar 5030 brochure. Fill in the request form to submit your requests regarding the Brimrose Luminar 5030.

Key Features
  • Dual-Beam, Pre-Aligned Lamp Assembly
  • No Moving Parts
  • Fast Scanning Speed - 16,000 Wavelengths per Second
  • 6 mm Diameter Sample Area at 40 mm Sampling Distance (Amounts can vary.)
  • SNAP32! Brimrose Analytical Software with Brimrose MACRO Language
  • In-line blend uniformity
  • In-line food analysis for fat, protein, moisture, starch, etc.
  • Polymer: measurements of pellets and resins
  • Paper and Textile Goods: In-line coating thickness measurements
  • Measurements of tobacco and tobacco leaves
  • On-line and at-line analysis of oil, moisture and dry matter in olive oil extraction process