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Luminar 3030
Free Space AOTF-NIR Analyzer

Brimrose Luminar 3030 Free Space AOTF-NIR Analyzer Brimrose Luminar 3030 Free Space AOTF-NIR Analyzer Brimrose Luminar 3030 Free Space AOTF-NIR AnalyzerBrimrose’s 3030 Free Space AOTF-NIR Analyzer is rugged and can be inserted directly into the production line. As such, the Luminar 3030 eliminates the need for fiber optic lines.

The free-space unit is considered an excellent tool for inline, real-time analysis, monitoring and control. The analyzer can identify the organic chemical composition, actives, starch and moisture content in a variety of forms, including solids, pellets, powder and suspensions. It can do this through a window.

The Luminar 3030 is insensitive to vibrations and ambient light. It offers non-invasive, contactless measurement. The Luminar 3030 can provide superior signal-to-noise ratios across the entire spectral range and offers fast scanning rates of up to 16,000 wavelengths per second.

Bayer, Merck and Pfizer are among the many customers for this popular unit. A number of attachments are offered for the Luminar 3030.

For more detailed product information including the technical specification, please view the Luminar 3030 brochure. Fill in the request form to submit your requests regarding the Brimrose Luminar 3030.

Key Features
  • Insensitive to Vibrations and Ambient Light
  • Fast Scanning Speed - 16,000 Wavelengths per Second
  • No Moving Parts
  • Non-Invasive, Contactless Measurement
  • Superior Signal-to-Noise Ratio Throughout the Entire Spectral Range
  • Pharmaceutical: 100 percent inspection of solids, pastes, creams and powders
  • Agricultural/Food: In-line food analysis for fat, protein, moisture
  • Drying Process: Direct placement on spray or fluid bed dryers
  • Polymer: In-site measurement of pellets, films and coatings
  • Textile: Cotton/polyester
  • Pulp and Paper: In-line thickness and coating analysis