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Pharmaceutical Applications

In response to the ever-growing demands of the pharmaceutical industry, Brimrose has developed non-destructive and non-contact analytical technology for the multi-component analysis of pharmaceutical products in all stages of production. Read the pharmaceutical application brochure for more information including technical specification.

Brimrose offers a Total Solution, providing robust and reliable AOTF-NIR Analyzers and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant software through the entire production processes: raw material ID in the warehouses, multistream analysis in the dispensaries, moisture in fluid bed, spray and vacuum dryers, blend uniformity, and tablet properties in the tablet stage. Following are some examples of the pharmaceutical applications:

High speed, 80 vials per minute determination of anaesthetic suspension strength for use in operating rooms
Determination of Anaesthetic Suspension Strength
The Brimrose Luminar 3030 free space AOTF-NIR spectrometer can be used for high speed, 80 vials per minute determination of anaesthetic suspension strength for use in operating rooms. The spectrometer reads the strength, 1% or 2% and a color camera reads the color of the cap (blue or red). If a discrepancy between the color of the cap and the strength occurs, the line stops and the deviant vial is removed.
Blend Control: Real-time homogeneity monitoring and blending control process
Blend Uniformity
Often in the manufacture of a dosage form is the blending together of the active component with the excipients to produce a homogeneous blend. The Luminar 4030 AOTF-NIR Free Space spectrometer allows for fast scanning using no moving parts and without the need to recalibrate the system. View a video demo that shows Brimrose Luminar spectrometers using FDA-approved real-time blend control testing for the pharmaceutical industry.
Tablets moving on the FDA approved conveyor belt during factory acceptance test
Tablets Analysis
The high-speed Luminar 3077 Tablet AOTF-NIR analyzer is designed for non-contact, non-distructive measurements of chemical and physical properties of simultaneous, transmission and reflectance measurements of tablets. The tablet analyzer can be installed in an isolation room for automatic reception and discharge of tablets at programmed intervals. The analyzer includes special belt driven mechanism (FDA approved Conveyor Belt) to create total automatic solution for tablet manufactures.