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On-Field Analysis

Brimrose provides on-field analysis using its Luminar 5030 spectrometer for olive oil and grape applications. The olive oil spectrometer, known as "the Harvester," can measure nitrogen and other nutrients and precisely determines the moisture level prior to milling. The Luminar 5030 is also used in grape skin analysis for maturity, content and related chemical composition. Following are some examples of these applications:

The Brimrose Luminar 5030 being used in olive cultivation
Olive Cultivation and Milling
The Brimrose Solid-state Luminar 5030 "hand-held" Miniature AOTF-NIR spectrometer offers precise measurements related to a number of critical components essential to optimum olive growth. Frequent measurements of certain nutrients in the leaves and their water content will lead to maximum return on investment.

The Brimrose Luminar 5030 can also aid in the milling process itself. For example, by bringing fruits with optimal water levels to the mill malaxer, there is a higher retention of key quality elements, mainly polyphenols. Read the olive application brochure for more information including technical specification.
NIR Hand-held Analyzer is taking readings for Brix, pH, TA in vineyard without removing it from vine
Grape Quality Assessment
VERC research demonstrates a Brimrose Luminar 5030 hand-held NIR analyzer that is a portable battery-powered device to take measurements for Brix, pH, TA, etc. from any grape in the vineyard without removing it from the vine. Read the VERC project to learn more information.
Brimrose's Luminar 5030 spectrometer can be used for wine applications.
Validation of Wine Grape Universal Models
Brimrose's Luminar 5030 spectrometer can be used for wine applications. In order to validate the models for Brix, pH, and TA created in America, spectral data and reference values for Brix, pH, and TA were collected at two wineries in Australia. Fill in the AOTF-NIR application request form to get the grape#2 application report for more details.