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Chemical and Polymer Applications

Brimrose NIR spectrometers have many applications in chemical and polymer industries. Related fields include measurement of a powder drying, monitoring solvents production, density measurement in polyethylene powder, and mechanical property monitoring, etc. Following are some examples of the chemical and polymer applications:

Flow Cell
Online Analysis of Recovered Solvents
The Luminar 3060 Multiplexer AOTF-NIR analyzer is an excellent tool for making continuous, real-time on-line measurements of solvent recovery streams. A fiber-optic multiplexer can measure up to 16 streams efficiently using the same analyzer, which creates a tremendous cost benefit. The solvent recovery process can now be controlled in a closed loop operation based upon the NIR results. Flow cells as one of fiber-optic solutions are installed in by-pass and the process operators will take samples from the sample point next to the transflectance probes.
Moisture in powder on conveyor belt by Free Space NIR analyzer
Measurement of a Powder Drying in a 130°F Process Oven
Brimrose AOTF-NIR Free Space spectrometer is ideal for applications that require monitoring percent moisture in a powder blend. The spectrometer being insensitive to ambient light and vibrations makes it the ideal choice for any industrial process application. The Brimrose Free Space collects spectra on powder falling from conveyor belt. Data is processed and percent moisture determined. Read the chemical application brochure for more information including technical specification.
Using the Brimrose Free Space Spectrometer to Measure Density in Polyethylene Powder
Density Measurement in Polyethylene Powder
Brimrose NIR spectrometer is an excellent method for on-line or off-line measuring the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of polyolefins. The picture on the left shows that a Brimrose Free Space spectrometer was used to measure density in polyethylene powder. A Free Space optical module is mounted to the pipe in which the polyethylene powder is transported. Spectral data is collected during the transport and the density measurement determined.
Brimrose Free Space spectrometer mounted in the transport line and collects spectra
Mechanical Property Monitoring
An important mechanical property in many polymer applications is Flexural Modulus. In the picture to the left a Brimrose Free Space spectrometer, mounted in the transport line and collects spectra. A model is applied to the spectra and Flexural Modulus is determined. The resulting data can then be used by the DCS. Read the polymer application brochure for more information including technical specification.