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Agricultural Applications

Brimrose AOTF-NIR spectrometers have many applications in agriculture industry and its related fields, including seeds, fruit, and fish feed inspection. Following are some examples of the agricultural applications:

Feeding and Aligning the Seeds on the Conveyor Belt Using Brimrose Luminar 3076 SeedMeister NIR Analyzer
Seed Inspection and Sorting
The high-speed Luminar 3076 SeedMeister AOTF-NIR analyzer is a system specifically developed for fast discrimination, quantification, and sorting of hybrid seeds such as corn, soybeans, watermelon, peanut, coffee, etc. Important constituent information such as oil, protein, starch, moisture, low-high oleic contents and total fat are measured simultaneously. In many cases, vigor and emergence of seeds can be predicted as well.
Performing Fruit Inspection online Using Brimrose Luminar 3030 Free Space NIR Analyzer
Fruit Inspection
The rugged solid-state Luminar 3030 Free Space AOTF-NIR analyzer is built to be placed directly into the production line. The analyzer is can perform real-time online monitoring and sorting of apples, pears and oranges, analyzing of juices, and determine the sugar content, pH, acidity, firmness and brix of juices etc.
Determining between hybrid and inbred watermelon seeds using SeedMeister analyzer
Watermelon Seeds Prediction
A Brimrose Luminar Seed Meister was used to scan spectra of hybrid and inbred watermelon seeds for the purpose of separation. Various wavelength ranges and scanning times were used and regression models were generated.

The best results were used to predict whether seeds were hybrid or inbred and the results clearly showed that the Brimrose SeedMeister is able to accurately separate hybrid and inbred watermelon seeds. Fill in the AOTF-NIR application request form to get the seed#5 application report for more details.