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AOTF-NIR Spectrometers

Brimrose’s rugged and high-performing on-line NIR process spectrometers deliver fast-response and multi-component analysis for a variety of process applications for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food & dairy, chemical, polymer, petrochemical, agricultural, seed, pulp & paper, and olive & grape industries.

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Brimrose AOTF Technology

Brimrose AOTF Technology Brimrose IS510 Hyperspectral Imager Brimrose AOTF TechnologyA major reason why Brimrose spectrometers are superior is our Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter (AOTF) technology, which the company has fully mastered after many years of research and application.

The AOTF technology enables Brimrose spectrometers to scan very fast (up to 16,000 wavelengths per second) and without moving parts. This makes our spectrometers the ideal tools for real-time, on-line industrial process control and process analytical technology (PAT). These analyzers meet all requirements and standards for on-line applications and are built to work reliably in long-term, harsh-production environments. One such application is for quality control in the measurement of nitrocellulose. Nitrocellulose is the elementary component of nearly all gun propellants.

Brimrose offers a variety of flow cells and probes should the customer need them for their AOTF-NIR spectrometers. Flow cells come with ANSI flanges, Swagelok fittings or sanitary flanges. Brimrose also provides a wide variety of probes, including diffuse reflectance, transflectance, dual purpose, and a sanitary flanged reflectance probe. Check our latest online NIR Spectrometer Catalog for more information.

Following are a list of advantages of AOTF technology and benefits of AOTF-NIR real-time monitoring and control:

Advantages of the AOTF Technology
  • Fast Scanning Speed - 16,000 Wavelengths/sec
  • Solid State, No Moving Parts
  • Real-Time Full Spectrum Dual-Beam with No Baseline
  • Correction Required
  • Pre-Aligned Lamp Assembly
  • Excellent Wavelength Repeatability
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Immune to Ambient Light Variations (rejection 1 to 106)
  • Work Reliably Even in Harsh Environmental Conditions
Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring and Control
  • Extensive Testing and Analyses at Lower Cost than Existing Practices
  • Significant Manufacturing Cost Reduction
  • Reduction of Product Inventory
  • Elimination of Laboratory Testing
  • Quality Control at Time of Manufacture
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Compliance at Point of Use