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Brimrose application engineer performing spectral analysis Brimrose Corporation is a globally focused high-tech company involved with acousto-optic technology and advanced materials R&D. A core Brimrose technology is AOTF-NIR (acousto-optic tunable filters-near infrared). Brimrose's NIR spectrometers are based on AOTF. Brimrose has been a leader in miniaturizing and digitizing NIR spectrometers, including for PAT applications. Brimrose was chosen to develop space-qualified NIR analyzers as part of the Mars ROVER missions to investigate the surface and subsurface of that planet. The company also makes many AO components including AO modulators, AO tunable filters, RF drivers and frequency shifters for imaging and other applications. Brimrose also has done business with more than a dozen federal agencies, largely as part of its advanced materials' program. Exciting work in thermo-electric power generation and radiation detection is leading to spinoff opportunities, as well.
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